John Mabey is a driven storyteller. Once a successful businessman, a brush with death made him question his existence and sacrifice a career to focus on his dream of being a writer. He now uses the challenges of his crazy life to help him connect with readers and inspire others to pursue their own dreams. He lives in Utah with his wife, daughter, and deadbeat Chihuahua. Visit www.johnmabey.com to learn more about his journey and what he’s up to.

Liz Lambson is a creative Jane of all trades: a children’s singer-songwriter, string bassist, storyteller, painter, luthier, writer, and mother of 4 boys. Her experience as a writer includes roles as the chief editor of Eagles Eye Magazine, content writer for small businesses, blogger and copywriter for Kennedy Violins, aspiring novelist, and creative nonfictionist. She has been published through violinist.com, Fifty-Word Stories, Aspiring Mormon Women, and the New Era magazine with song lyrics posted on her Yoga Storytime and Songs website, lizzyluna.com.

Chad Anderson is a gay father of two young sons and has been a practicing social worker for 15 years. Chad has been writing, researching, and blogging actively for years (currently at www.snapshotsofchad.com), he is currently working on a documentary, and recently published his moving memoir, Gay Mormon Dad, available on Amazon.

Meg Bee grew up in a small town in Wyoming, where she was always a true fish out of water. Whether she is rocking blue tights with combat boots, or fishnets under ripped jeans, Meg does the electric boogaloo to the beat of her own drum. A writer, voracious reader, red lipstick aficionado and lover of all things vintage, Meg’s poetry collections, Mermaid in the Valley and Junkyard Princess, explore the themes of love, betrayal, life and loss and are available on Amazon.

Cat Palmer is a feminist & queer mom who likes to ruffle feathers. Learn more about her at www.catpalmer.com

Regina Snape, originally from Brooklyn, New York, owns a small photography business in Utah. She is a social activist and a woman of many hats. To learn more about Regina, visit: www.depictionflair.com

John Bonner is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been in practice in Salt Lake City for the past decade. He loves growing flowers, singing to his heart’s content, watching movies in theaters with those fancy reclinable lounger chairs, and dancing like no one’s watching. John is a featured contributor at The Huffington Post.

Tanner Gilliland is primarily known for his participation in the post-Mormon media group, Zelph On The Shelf. His many interests include evolutionary psychology, shamanism, art, and music.

Kendall Tingey is a post-Mormon writer, humorist, and content creator that hails from the heartland of Mormondom: Kaysville, Utah. He has a never-ending passion for making the uncomfortable comfortable and the comfortable uncomfortable. He also loves La Croix.

Anna F. Marasco is an international award-winning poet and author. (Believe her when she says that isn’t as impressive as it sounds.) Anna is a licensed clinical social worker working on obtaining a second masters in creative writing. Her spare time is mostly spent enmeshed in her unnatural obsession with the love of her life: her horse, Henry.

Emily Bernath began her journey as a writer through her passion for empowering women to live in the truth of who God made them to be. She received her MBA from the U and BS in Chemistry from the University of Toledo, is highly involved in volunteering at church, and uses the foundations of both science and faith in her writing. Her first book, Broken Lenses, is currently in the process of being published by Morgan James Publishing and will be released in 2019.